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Three people making a corporate demonstration video

Connecting with your audience and building awareness are essential for your marketing strategy. Video is the most effective tool to reach those goals in 2022. With more and more video popping up every day, and even more ideas on how to use it, we put together this list to guide you and give some clarity on your video marketing strategy. There are many different ways that video can be used for business, the following list contains five. Each type of…

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Video is a powerful medium that allows businesses to communicate with their audience in a way not possible through other formats. As visual creatures, humans tend to have longer attention spans for videos than text.  Despite video’s power, many small business (SMB) owners assume video marketing is only accessible to larger, more established corporations. The budget, time, and skills necessary to create videos are top reasons why SMB owners avoid this type of marketing.  But, a video marketing strategy is much…

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