40 Creative Ways to use your Video.

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  1. Home Page: Introduce yourself in a personal, authentic way that helps customers to view you and your business exactly the way you want them to.
  2. About Page: Tell your story with the same passion that caused you to go into business. Explain the spark of an idea that started your business, your humble beginnings and your vision for the future.
  3. Team Page: Use fun, short videos to show off the shining personalities of your hand-picked team in the same way a short written bio would.
  4. Testimonials: We believe what we can see. So let your potential customers see the faces of your happy customers as they sing your praises in short clips.
  5. Product and Service Pages: Keep your pages short and your site visitors engaged by using video to illustrate the pain points and problems solved by your products or services. Consider using customers in these videos, to tell their own stories.
  6. FAQs: From common customer questions to information your staff wants to share with the world, create a comprehensive library of FAQ videos in a short Q and A format.
  7. Learning Library: Tap into your industry knowledge and existing blogs to create a valuable video resource library that customers will rely on you for. Include instructional videos, comparison shopping videos, product demonstrations and more.
  8. Social Media: Create custom videos for all of your social media channels as frequently as you post text updates. Informal, unscripted videos are an authentic, human way to stay in touch with your social media audience.
  9. Company Newsletters: Since the beginning of time, company newsletters have suffered from being inconsistently produced by employers and ignored by employees. Make your company newsletter painless to produce and entertaining to watch with an informal video instead of a word doc template.
  10. Your Blog: Film some of your blogs, especially those with interesting visual elements, to put a human voice back into your marketing, give your readers some variety and motivate your marketing team with a new format option.
  11. Help and Support: Ever heard of the term “visual learner”? For many people, solutions are best understood when they can be seen instead of just read.
  12. Webinars and Tutorials: Create video campaign offers or visual landing page content that teaches and enriches your buyer personas.
  13. Company Presentations: With so much focus on external communications, businesses can neglect to entertain and engage their internal audience.
  14. Culture Videos: Have a gameroom? Team lunches? Fun office space? Help talent to understand if they’re a good fit by using video to showcase your offices, culture and team.
  15. Email Drip Campaigns: Whether you’re offering the same information in both written and video form, or you’re complimenting written information with video content, you’ll increase conversion rates by including both.
  16. Purchase Confirmation Emails: Start delighting and upselling customers as soon as they make a purchase, with fun or informative videos in their purchase confirmation email. Have fun by showing an absurd celebration and shipping process with your staff, or use product feature content to get them excited.
  17. Behind-the-Scenes: If your products are handcrafted, made with interesting components or have a visual production process, show it! Let your customers see the quality for themselves.
  18. Product Demonstrations: Know that customers are using your products and services to the fullest extent, by showing them. These videos can even be visual-only for simplicity.
  19. Interviews: Take your audience behind-the-scenes to show them what makes your business tick in interviews with department heads or product developers.
  20. Calls-to-Action: Even the smallest windows of communication can be improved with the human touch of a video. Use a video that’s five seconds or less for quick calls to action throughout your website and marketing.
  21. Events Highlight Reel: Use B-roll or photos to create a fun highlight reel of an event or conference you attended. Clients and customers will appreciate knowing you’re involved in your industry, while everyone will benefit from seeing a human face and perspective represent your business.
  22. Event Recap and Takeaway Video: Get more mileage out of events and conferences by recapping what your staff learns while it’s still fresh. Simply use the conference hallway or event signage as the background for a quick, excited reel of event takeaways. Then, share away on social media and your blog.
  23. Live AMA on Social Media: Use seasonal interest, big industry news or even world events to generate excitement for and live video Q and A session with your business. This reddit-famous format is also called an AMA (ask me anything).
  24. Live Stream Guest Speakers: Don’t limit the reach of your awesome guest speakers to only the people attending in person. Promote, share and live stream their appearance on your social media channels.
  25. User-Generated Videos and Unboxings: Give your users a forum (or even incentives) to share their experience with your product or service in online videos. Don’t be afraid to accept the good, bad and the ugly. People will value your open honesty more than a little negative feedback.
  26. Video Email Signatures: Put some humanity back into the inboxes of your mailing list, with video email signatures. A few seconds and a smiling face is all you need to make a warm, authentic impression.
  27. Training and Onboarding: Streamline your onboarding process with custom videos for your staff. Save time and resources by using videos to help new hires get through paperwork, downloading software and more.
  28. Two-Way Video for Customer Support: In a world of unlimited buying options, customer service is king. There is no comparison to the empathy and perspective of a two-way video chat with your customers. Look at their malfunctioning product with your own eyes, convey real understanding and
  29. HR Policies and Tutorials: Today’s human resource videos aren’t the long, polished videos with embarrassing celebrity cameos. Instead, short videos are a great way to demonstrate how to use online HR features, calculate tax rates, understand benefits, search for specific answers within a database, request time off and more.
  30. Quick GIFs or Boomerang Videos: Whether you’re sharing a little fun culture or demonstrating a quick feature, these tech tricks can be fun ways to add interest.
  31. Annual Reports: These cumbersome content giants are tough to get through, even when you care about the information. Summarize and energize with video synopsis and additions.
  32. Spice Up Your Popular Written Content: Good marketers know to keep reusing, repurposing and recycling their most popular content. Turn written content into a video to give it a whole new life, new appeal and new audience.
  33. Leverage Influencers: Video is a great medium for the paid endorsement of an influencer. From product demos to unboxings, endorsements with visual elements take your message further.
  34. Social Media Stories: Experiment with the new social media story features by creating a series of short, fun videos about anything you want to share with your network.
  35. Sales Support: In sales, people always make the difference. The personal, human element you can achieve with video can seriously boost sales when it’s integrated into your process.
  36. Contracts: Have a human review and explain a contract or quote using client names and details in a video. This person to person communication helps you have a maximum impact when money is on the line.
  37. Product Support: Almost anything you can include in a manual, can be turned into a video. From assembly to troubleshooting, videos can provide an excellent information resource for your customers.
  38. Production Videos with Time Lapse: Everyone enjoys a video showing how things are made. It’s just in our nature. Natural curiosity makes these videos very popular to share just about anywhere.
  39. Aerial Drone Footage: High-altitude videos are impressive and fun to make! If they make sense for your business, industry and video type, they’re a cool option for B-roll footage.
  40. Waiting Rooms: Upsell, inform and entertain with video when your customers are present and interested. Options range from simple looping videos on a basic television to high-production product videos on touch screens.

And there are many more options to market your business with video. Message us today to schedule a free creative meeting to discuss your visual marketing solutions.

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